Green healthy underwear favorite choice for a happy woman

Good underwear is the best care of their own, all-round care of breast skin, whether it is summer or winter can achieve the effect of soft and comfortable, accelerate the metabolism of the chest, play a role in health care around the clock, allowing you to incarnate For the most sexy woman, with the most feminine gesture of salvation his own dedication of the heart.


Kai Shi-Fen - kisfun new underwear

Encounter casual series, flexible fabric encounter a healthy life. Unique human organic green fabrics, natural modal and silk combination, experience the love of fashion and nature. Gentle soft cotton feel, with a trace of feminine feminine emotions at the same time, the health and environmental into your body and mind.

绿色健康型内衣 幸福女人钟爱的选择

Kai Shi-Finnish new kisfun underwear

Play personality style, the lace, embroidery, butterfly machines, lace and other personalized pattern elements ingenious combination of creating a playful and modern unique style. At the same time, the cold fibers into the ultra-fine printing double-pull the material, the summer heat refreshing, anti-bacterial deodorant, is the magic magic of the health of women's live.

Rib Fabric

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