Western silk brand discount women's season seasonal dress rule

Every year to the season, but worry many girls, dress became the most difficult to solve a problem, look at the streets, all kinds of styles, all kinds of mix and match, dazzling, so when the fall and winter of this season, the streets again What kind of wonderful staged it? Here's a look together with the Xizi Code look forward to it.


Leather is the first choice of many girls in the season, lightweight and warmth, which take a chiffon shirt or sweater can easily out of the street, if you want to be more handsome, you may wish to learn the mashup of the model is absolutely street suction Eyes bright Oh.

西子丝典品牌折扣女装  换季时节穿衣法则

Summer the United States and the United States dress, to the season when they want to hide the wardrobe yet? No, let the dress continue to radiate its glow this autumn! Warm orange chiffon dress with locomotive leather coat, elegant femininity without losing the power, strong hit color effect is unique.

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